Brand Message

Our aspiration always is to “create a time and opportunities so that you can enjoy the full characteristics and nuances of each product.” It has given birth to our new brand “tete”.
Hand – the word that has been at the heart of our creating new brand concept.

“…something we can enjoy traces of handwork in…”
“…something that we are led to handle naturally…”

Our wish today is to produce unique and fascinating tableware that can be used casually and in everyday life as the name “atelier tete” implies (“te” translates to “hand” in Japanese).
Our goal tomorrow is to continue creating the product of the best quality made by expert craftsmanship and using techniques that have been cultivated in Japan over a long period of time.

Production by Handworks

At every process of tete production, craftsmen’s hands are engaged. The originals of the molds are made through the pursuit of the roughness and thickness on the surfaces in order to fit with hands comfortably. Each piece comes out of the mold then goes through careful finishing by craftsmen's hands.

Scenery of Ceramics

Innumerable variations of nuances appear on the surface of tete ceramics.
Textured mat glazes reminding the touches of soil, crackled patterns brought by delicate balance between clay and glaze, tints and dots resulted from the interplay of multiple glazes, and unique patterns caused by hand glazing; all these nuances give distinctive sceneries on the ceramics.

Transformation in Kiln

The clay, which is fine yet can leave texture on it, has high density and durability suitable for handling. Fired at 1225 degrees in a kiln, the clay changes into the solid ceramics. The high temperature also leads to the changes in the glaze and create the beautiful colors and nuances.

Dune ceramic

The sylphlike contours and the scenery of glazing create a refined atmosphere.
The pieces in white, pink beige and gray glazes have glossy textures, and its tint and crackles give character on each pieces. In matt ivory glaze, the profoundness is found through the rough texture on the surface and the brown marks on the edges. The naturally curved forms effect on the scenery of glazes and bring the particular nuances of pieces.

The plate comes in 4 sizes from 120mm to 245mm, and this series also offers bowls, cups and pitchers-these rich variations is just perfect for today's table. Combining the different colors and items for each meal, this series surely widen your idea for the table coordination.

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Dune porcelain

The series of pleasant colors on clear white porcelain.
Selecting white raw porcelain, highly transparent, the base highlights the color of the glaze even better. The flow of glaze on the uneven surface and waving edge create tints in the pale colors and variety of appearances on each piece.

The plates have the variation of three sizes: 180mm for dessert, 235mm and 280mm for main dishes. The deep bowls and deep plates are ideal for soup, salad and dessert.

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The soft and warm ambience originates in the hand works that gives individuality for each piece. The touches of handworks are easily found in shapes of the soft edge, the handmade handles, and the finishes on the surface.
The uniqueness of color tint and supple lines by hand glazing satiate your desire to have your “only one” item.

7 different colors and texture variations can be selected as you like. Offering frequently usable 3 designs; espresso cup and saucer, 240ml mug and 370ml mug.

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A captivating mug series with subtle traces of hand work and intricate expressions of layered glaze. Warmth and calmness translates from the original mold, which is based on the shape that was hand-thrown on the potter's wheel. Uneven yet inspiring hues were accomplished through experimentations with different combinations of glazes. In contrast to the unique layers of color on the outside, the inside is kept neutral to feature the drink poured into the cup.

There are two types in this series; type_a has a wide diameter and a handle width, making it firm and steady. type_b has a form that widens towards the top and the attached quaintly curved handle was originally rolled by hand. The mug is perfect for savoring a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea.

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The finely crafted teaware is characterized by the round shapes and texture reminiscent of pebble stones. Faint touches of rust and the blend of deep colors leave a sincere impression, expanding your tea experience. The simple pot goes well with all kinds of teas from around the world. There are many ways in which you can use the cup and saucer: the saucer to place small dishes or the cup to serve desserts. With delicate handwork, fine details were achieved to ensure usability − the spout is drip-free, and the stainless steel strainer lets tea leaves to bloom widely inside.

The teapot and the cup & saucer are available in 4 different colored textures.

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